Social media communication, outreach, analysis, monitoring, enhancement, awareness building, advertising, video production & so much more.

10 years ago television and newspapers were the go-to sources. Today, the dominance of traditional media has somehow shifted towards online media and conversational platforms. This new media mix provides opportunities for many industries and communication outlets, since paid media is becoming highly democratic while earned media depends on creativity, strategy and planning. kwin is part of a generation that still experienced the importance of traditional (mass) media, used 56 kpbs modems and was surprised by the amazing outputs of a fax device. This dual mindset encompassing the 'where we come from' and 'where we are now' makes it easy to think broadly about target audiences and messaging, as well as to apply skills that overlap in digital and traditional media communication.


We are working a lot in political communications and citizen outreach, but also for the events sector, advertising agencies and civil society.

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Business and ethics go hand-in-hand. 
Therefore we will not work for corporations nor industries that clearly harm our environment.
We commit ourselves to using green ways of transport. That means cycling, walking and using public transport.