Vrije Universiteit Brussel


The University’s Alumni network is key to promote its activities and research and to attract new students. To foster this relationship the Vrije Universiteit Brussel asked us to come up with a campaign that would (re)connect them with the University.


Who doesn’t like to quiz? We created a dedicated website called ‘The VUB Alumni Resit’ (VUB Alumni Herexamen in Dutch) in which we invited Alumni to participate in a collective online exam, with real questions provided by almost all faculties and their respective courses.

We promoted the Resit via online videos and visuals, in which ‘celebrity professors’ like Jean Paul Van Bendegem or Mark Elchardus challenge former students to participate.

Our advertising strategy was focused on granularly targeted ads on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.


The campaign, which lasted three weeks, sparked thousands of interactions on social media and attracted more than 3.000 participants. Additionally, more than 400 people requested the ‘Alumni-ID’, which provides a lot of benefits in terms of networking, discounts, events, …