Brik – Student in Brussel


Promoting Brussels? Yesss! Brik asked us to build a campaign around two phases: a give-away of 1.000 train tickets to Brussels, 10 of which are treated to a free weekend in Brussels.


We came up with #BRUSSELHACKS, a campaign narrative that is built around free things to do for students in Brussels. We teamed up with creative students living in Brussels, asking them to share their hacks on TikTok and Instagram. From these teaser videos we created promotional snippets that attracted people to the #BRUSSELHACKS website. In only three weeks time we intrigued people to discover Brussels: people from all over Flanders signed up and headed to Brussels.

And 10 lucky ones came to Brussels for a #BRUSSELHACKS-weekend, in which they discovered a tonne of activities that were filmed. The result? Different episodes about life in Brussels as a student: honest, real and fun(ny).


We managed to get 1.000 people to visit Brussels during the Summer, casted 10 fantastic people to star in our campaign videos, while our video campaign got 100.000’s of views. What a life hack…

(the project is still running until December 2021)

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