Bike For Brussels – Bruxelles Mobilité


Cycling in Brussels is challenging. Infrastructure does not always help and drivers often don’t notice people using active modes of transport. Moreover, certain demographic groups don’t cycle in Brussels. The Brussels-Capital Region wanted to know which groups exactly, in order to convince them that cycling in Brussels is actually possible and fun!


Together with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and Copenhagenize France we teamed up to organise focus groups in schools and hotels in Brussels and conveyed an online survey to find out why certain groups of people are not cycling in Brussels.

Based on the survey (which was filled in more than 800 times) and the numerous focus groups that were held, we created a set of target groups.


We drafted communication recommendations and clear strategic ideas that could potentially help as a boost to convince our target groups to start cycling in Brussels. The communication recommendation report (76 pages) was handed in to the Brussels’ administration and government and was presented at several conferences.