The Brussels’ Government – Sven Gatz


How many languages do you speak? Ask this question to anyone in the streets of Brussels and almost everyone will answer: “More than one!”. As one of the most cosmopolitan cities, you can hear over 180 languages in our capital. To celebrate and raise awareness around the multilingualism in our city, Brussels minister of Multilingualism Sven Gatz launched “Brussels Multilingualism Day”. Our dictionaries at the ready, we created a multilingual campaign that connected debates in the Brussels’ parliament to conversations in the streets of Brussels.


We managed the social channels and created fun but also informative content about Multilingualism. We launched a podcast, co-hosted with minister Sven Gatz. A first in Belgium! In this podcast we tackle the challenges and celebrate the beauty of languages. We created entertaining videos, photos and animations – putting language in the spotlight during the week of Multilingualism Day.


We managed to reach almost 100.000 people in Brussels, raising awareness and celebrating our multilingual city and growing the social media platforms of BeTalky significantly.