Axel Vervoordt in collaboration with Base Design


Axel Vervoordt Company requested a strategically smart presence on various social media platforms, since only the personal accounts of founder Axel Vervoordt and CEO Boris Vervoordt were active at the time.


Following a workshop with the Axel Vervoordt team, including CEO Boris Vervoordt, Base Design and KWIN came up with an exhaustive strategy presentation focused on a number of challenges and actionable recommendations.

The strategy was built around:

— Audience building
— Platform segmentation
— Content creation
— Fueling the ecosystem with personal accounts
— Growth tactics


The Axel Vervoordt team immediately started implementing the official @axelvervoordt_co corporate presence and after six months more than 60.000 followers were gathered organically on the Instagram account. From a content creation point of view Axel Vervoordt company is continuing to innovate and to implement the content creation suggestions that were presented by Base Design and KWIN week by week.

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