Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Vrije Universiteit Brussel asked us to write 100 engaging stories about 100 ambitious VUB-Alumni in order to inspire future students and activate the Alumni-community. 


People often quickly lose interest while consuming content on the Internet, that’s why we adapted the format to keep people reading. The title is the first attention grabber to draw people in, followed by an informative and triggering introduction. For each and every article we went the extra mile to dig for personal stories, with enough quotes and anecdotes to keep dynamism.


We delivered 100 finished articles that were published on VUB Today over the course of one year. Interviewees were often happy and proud about their articles and shared them on their own social media channels. In this way, VUB reached new communities and potential students to come study in our beloved capital.

Read a couple of articles below: